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Here at Bookland Insider, I aim to pull back the curtain as I invite you into the inner circle of self-publishing where I’ll share the tricks of the trade so that you can learn how to steer your self-publishing journey toward becoming a success story.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Heather Wallace. I’ve been in the business of self-publishing for over two decades both as the founder of H.R. Wallace Publishing and as one of Reedsy’s top marketers.

Since 2002, I’ve published a catalog of books and, as a result, I’ve known the elation of five-figure months and earning hundreds just over lunch.

Self-publishing truly changed my life.

And, following my success, I made a commitment to give back to the self-publishing community by sharing what I know.

As a result, my consultations have helped clients land on the top of the Amazon’s charts thanks in part to the well-researched metadata and winning descriptions that I provide as well as the wealth of knowledge that I impart.

And, by sharing what I know, I want to arm YOU with the wisdom you need so that you too can experience the thrill of seeing your books succeed.

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Through my courses and one-on-one consultation, I’ll share inside secrets that are essential for navigating your way through the maze of self-publishing so that you can find a clear path forward. And, armed with these closely guarded insights, you’ll be perfectly poised to challenge the bestsellers on the charts.

Self-Publishing Simplified with Informative Courses and Personalized Consultation

Book Reviews Made Simple for Authors

Learn how to implement a simple review soliciting system that will help you generate the feedback your book needs in order to gain momentum and recognition.

Inside Secrets of Successful Self-Publishers

Discover the methods bestselling authors use so that you too can harness the power of these techniques as you set out to conquer the competition.

One-on-One Self-Publishing Consulting

Instead of struggling through the process of self-publishing, book a one-on-one call and we can work through your questions as I help cut through the confusion.