Book Reviews Made Simple For Authors

Are you an author feeling overwhelmed at the idea of drumming up reviews for your book?

You’ve undoubtedly seen competing titles with double-digit and triple-digit reviews and wondered: How did they do it?

If you want to compete, you know that you need as much social proof as possible, but you’re probably also left wondering:

  • How you can get your book into the hands of reviewers

  • If soliciting reviews will become incredibly time-consuming

  • How to navigate the ethics of review-seeking so that you don’t accidentally misstep

  • Whether editorial reviews are worthwhile

As an author looking to get the word out about your book, it probably feels overwhelming knowing that some way, somehow, you’ve got to takes steps to generate several reviews for your book. But, how?

Well, the good news is that launching a review-seeking campaign doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t mean giving up a massive amount of time.

Plus, once you get your system in place, you should find that a steady stream of reviews begin pouring in with very little additional effort on your part.

But first, you need to learn the steps that you need to take to put this review-soliciting process to work for you.

Only then can you harness the techniques that successful self-publishers use every day to generate the kind of reviews that get books noticed.

Authors often mistakenly assume that pressing Publish will be enough to bring in a deluge of reviews.

If only it were that easy!

The truth is, if you want to succeed as an indie author, undertaking a review-seeking campaign can’t be avoided. But many authors have no idea where to start the process of learning the ins-and-outs of generating reviews without it becoming overwhelming.

I want to make the process of soliciting reviews as easy as possible for authors. And, it’s for that reason that I created Book Reviews Made Simple for Authors.

This course includes a review-seeking system, from start to finish, that can be implemented with very little effort. And, once in place, this review-seeking machine will be running in the background to draw reviewers to your book.

Best of all, once everything is set in motion, you can go back to concentrating on what you really love: writing and building your career as a creative.

And, simultaneously, as reviews pour into your book’s sales page, would-be readers will become more confident that your work is worthy of being noticed.

As an added benefit, this process of seeking reviews is easy and effortless to repeat. That means, once you learn what to do, you’ll be able to set it and forget it for book after book after book.

Why try to learn how to get reviews through trial and error?

Instead, you can quickly and easily put my guidance to work for you as you set out to solicit reviews so that you have the power to get your book noticed among the competition.

Here's a sneak peek at the process you'll be made privy to as you discover the methods the pros use to effortlessly solicit reviews.

💻 The Important Benefits Offered by Reviews

If you’re at all unsure as to the value that reviews offer, this lesson will clear up any doubt. Here you’ll learn how positive reviews can tip the scales in your favor so that you can sway hesitant readers, as this social proof works for you to convince them that your book has worth.

🧠 The Do’s and Don’ts of Ethical Review-Seeking

If you don’t take the correct approach when soliciting reviews, you could seriously impact your chances of seeing success and harm your reputation in the process. That’s why, in this lesson, I lay out the right way to go about things so that you can go out and seek reviews with confidence.

📚 Preparing for Successful Review-Seeking

In this module, I’ll reveal a series of steps that you can take to prepare your book before you set out to solicit reviews so that you can better ensure that it is above reproach. Only then can you feel confident that your work is truly a prime candidate to receive the four- and five-star reviews that you know it so richly deserves.

🎨 Seeking Reviews from Readers

The process of receiving reviews from readers may seem mystifying. But, as I’ll reveal in this series of lessons, it doesn’t have to be an impossibly difficult process. Instead, I’ll show you how, with a few clicks, you can almost effortlessly implement a review-generating system so that feedback begins pouring in with ease.

Book reviews are one of the most powerful ways to offer social proof that speaks to the quality of your work.

And, with the guidance found in this course, you can learn how to effortlessly get your book in front of the average reader, while also soliciting editorial reviews from the most reputable sources without any of the stress of figuring it out as you go.

It doesn’t matter if you are pre-publication or post-publication. Either way, you will be provided with a wealth of knowledge that you can use to bring in reviews.

Go ahead and explore the full course outline to learn more about what’s in store.

Course Curriculum

Before You Get Started
Preparing for Successful Review Seeking
Seeking Reviews from Readers
The Ins and Outs of Editorial Reviews
Wrapping Up

Here's what else you'll get once you gain access to this invaluable resource

🧭 A roadmap you can use as you set out to generate much-needed reviews

As I guide you through Book Reviews Made Simple for Authors, I won’t hold anything back. As I begin, I’ll walk you through what you need to do to prepare so that you start on solid footing. Then, I’ll reveal how you can grab the attention of average readers, editorial reviewers, librarians, media professionals, and more.

👩‍🏫 In-depth instruction without being overwhelming

I understand that the prospect of seeking out reviews can feel daunting. However, this text-based course offers clear and accessible guidance on essential topics to help you navigate the process with ease. From ensuring that your book is ready to be reviewed, leveraging your book to solicit reviews for you, using the right sites to your advantage, and showcasing your professional reviews in the right way, you’ll gain invaluable insights to help you propel your review seeking efforts forward.

👪 One-on-One Consultation Is Just a Call Away

In addition to the wealth of information provided in this course, you’ll also have the opportunity to upgrade your experience so that you can speak with me one-on-one. Simply choose this add-on to book a consulting call if you ever feel like you need a bit of guidance or someone to act as a sounding board to discuss the self-publishing questions that you’re facing.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Heather Wallace. I’ve been in the business of self-publishing for over two decades, both as the founder of H.R. Wallace Publishing and as one of Reedsy’s top marketers.

Since 2002, I’ve published a catalog of books and, as a result, I’ve known the elation of five-figure months and earning hundreds of dollars just over lunch.

Self-publishing truly changed my life.

And, following my success, I made a commitment to give back to the self-publishing community by sharing what I know.

As a result, my consultations have helped clients land on the top of Amazon’s charts thanks, in part, to the well-researched metadata and winning descriptions that I provide as well as the wealth of knowledge that I impart.

And, by sharing what I know, I want to arm YOU with the wisdom you need so that you too can experience the thrill of seeing your books succeed.

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"Heather is exceptional. She is an expert in marketing. I highly recommend her."

"Heather was amazing, exceeding my expectations in every way."

"Heather provided a huge amount of details and tips and advice, which is perfect for a marketing novice like me."

If you're still hesitant to take part in the course, it may be because you're thinking:

“I’m going to get overwhelmed”

For the most part, this course shows you how to set it and forget it. Once you put the process in motion, you can basically sit back, relax, and wait for the reviews to come rolling in. You will need to have some active participation, but it really is minimal

“This is going to be too technical”

There is very little in the way of anything technical involved with these methods of garnering reviews for your book, so there is no need to worry. There is only one slightly technical topic in this course, and I make a point of walking you through it so that you never feel lost.

“I’m too busy”

I realize that your time is precious, and this consideration really gets back to the point of just how easy this system is. You won’t need to sit at your computer for hours on end to see success. Just follow the lessons that I have laid out and you can quickly and easily set out to seek reviews.

“I’m not a marketer”

That’s okay, you don’t need to be a master at marketing to produce results with this course. You do, however, need to have a willingness to get the word out about your book. And with the information provided in this collection of lessons, you will be that much closer to helping your book garner the much-needed social proof that your book needs to compete.

Don't let yourself get caught in a cycle of analysis paralysis that prevents your book from achieving its full potential.

The Better with Heather Guarantee

With my money-back guarantee, there’s no reason to hesitate.

After looking through the course, if you aren’t convinced that your publishing journey will be better with me by your side to guide you along the way, then no worries.

Just get in touch within 14 days of purchase to receive a full refund with no questions asked.

Why wait when you can tap into the power that book reviews have to offer?

Because, if you’re committed to giving your book a fighting chance in a crowded market, you simply must arm it with the reviews it needs to garner the attention it deserves to receive.

Reviews are capable of shaping your self-publishing journey in so many ways, from influencing wary buyers, to swaying book store algorithms in your favor, to convincing the media that your book is worthy of coverage.

So, with all of the benefits that reviews bring, why hesitate when you can learn how to implement an almost effortless process that will have consumers and editorial reviewers ready and waiting to read your book?

Major publishing houses have been using these techniques for some time to set their author’s books up for success. And now, with my teachings, you too can learn how to easily set a review-seeking campaign in motion even if you’re just starting out.

What are you waiting for? You’ve made it this far in your publishing journey, so why stop now when you’re so close to learning how to implement a system that will generate social proof almost automatically.

So, go ahead and put the teachings in Book Reviews Made Simple for Authors to work for you so that you can gather the reviews you need to level the playing field and take on the competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and when does it finish?

The course begins as soon as you purchase access. This course is designed so that you can learn at your own pace, which means that you can take your time and finish at your leisure.

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you will have access to the course for as long as it is available and published online.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I would never want you to be left feeling dissatisfied. If you aren’t happy with the course after giving it a try for 14 days, send me a message and I will provide you with a full refund.

My Full Disclosure Disclaimer:

As someone who has spent a lot of time in this field, I want to make one thing clear; publishing a book is not a get-rich-quick situation. Hard work is going to be required and any success that you might see is not going to come over night.

Beyond that, the results that I’ve seen are not typical and, because each situation is unique, yours will definitely vary. I’ve invested years’ worth of time and effort into getting where I am today, and I’ve been lucky to experience the results that I’ve achieved.

Not all self-publishers will succeed, and this course does not come with any guarantee as to the results that you might see. Rather, this product is an educational tool that can be used to further your knowledge of the field.

Further, as with any business enterprise, publishing involves risk and, as such, some will succeed while others will fail. Finally, while all testimonials are genuine, they are not offered to imply a guarantee that you will achieve the same results.